Tasks for April 6 (Mon Group) or April 8 (Wed Group)

1. Listen to instructions on where to post your artifacts on your TaskStream portfolio. Hand-outs will be given in class.
2. Pay attention to the demonstration on how to do a "screen capture" using the Grab application on Macs. On PCs, the equivalent is CTRL Prnt Scrn (Control / Print Screen) to copy then CNTRL V (Control V) on Paint to paste. Crop and resize the graphic using Paint. You would want to save the file as JPEG or JPG.
3. Work in pairs or trios. Critique each others brochures. Examine each member's work thoroughly and provide as much constructive feedback as you can. Pay special attention to grammar, sentence construction, and logic. Does the whole brochure make sense? How can the author make it more reader-friendly? More impressive? Be open to suggestions given by your partner/team members and make improvements on your brochure.
If there is time, or for next week: Creating a Web Page on TaskStream
Create a web page, based on the same information you have researched and posted on your group wiki. Learn how to add sections and graphics to a page. When done, post the URL (web address) on Blackboard.

Tasks for March 30 (Mon Group) or April 1 (Wed Group)
Work on your brochures. This is an individual project.
Create a brochure by selecting an appropriate template from Microsoft Word. Use text and photos from your group wiki page. Remember to cite sources. To make sure you have all the required elements in your brochure, check your work against the given checklist in your Assignment Guidelines packet. When you're done, save a copy as PDF. Then post your work as an attachment on Blackboard and on your TaskStream portfolio. Submit a hardcopy to me.

Tasks for March 23 (Mon Group) or 25(Wed Group)

1. Capture best discussion board posting and turn it into PDF - I'll show you how. Post on TaskStream Portfolio.
2. Capture screen of wiki. Post on TaskStream.
2. Workshop PowerPoint presentations through in-group presentations. Be open to good ideas.
3. Save PowerPoint as movie (File, Make Movie). Post on TaskStream Portfolio.

NEXT WEEK: Work on brochures.

Netiquette Video:

Share Your Thoughts

What comes to your mind when you hear "netiquette?" What's your position on teaching students proper online etiquette? Post your suggestions on the discussion thread on Netiquette.
Take a look at your own postings and the comments left by other members of this class. Did you abide by good netiquette? Did others? Post your observations on the same thread.

Tasks for March 9 (Mon Group) or 11(Wed Group)

Pay attention to a quick lecture on common errors.
Make the necessary corrections on your APA formatting.

1. Read the comments posted by viewers of your group wiki. Each posted comment should have a response from you. Divide the work among your group members and assign each member specific comments to respond to.
2. Carefully consider the recommendations given by your viewers. Remember, criticism is a gift. It helps us improve our work. So keep an open mind. I know you all did your best on your project and I am proud of what you have accomplished so far. Now let us make it even better by capitalizing on recommendations given by others.
3. Remember to thank your viewers for taking time to give you feedback.

1. Go back to our postings and read the responses given to you by the wiki authors.
2. Extend the conversation by responding to these. In some cases, you may need to provide clarification on your earlier posting.

Now that we are all done with your wiki work, it is time to evaluate the activity and each member's performance during this collaborative assignment. Pick copies of the peer review form, one for each member. You will evaluate every member of your group. Do it in private and turn the forms in next meeting.

Check your work against the scoring tools I will be using to grade your work. Make sure you have included all the required items (e.g. names, university, date, etc.)

ASSIGNMENT 5 PowerPoint Presentation
Individual Work: Create your own PowerPoint presentation based on your group wiki topic. You may use the information you have on your group wiki. You may use all the photographs you have. Remember to give credit to each work you use. Refer to the assignment guidelines for specific items required for your presentation, e.g. title, etc.